The Big Events to Watch This Month

02.09.2016 • Politics and War

From the Southbank Private Briefing (GBR) – August has gone out like a lamb. Will September be a bear? The slow days of summer have given way to a news-driven September. Earlier in the week, bullish manufacturing PMI data – the biggest month-over-month move in 25 years – sent the pound higher against the dollar.

And now? Prime Minister Theresa May heads to her first big international meeting with next week’s G20 gathering in China. And in less than two weeks, the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee meets again to decide what its next move is.

That comes a day before the 24th anniversary of “Black Wednesday”, when the pound crashed out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. In this week’s The Southbank Private Briefing, our analysts take stock of the market in a low-rate, 02 September 2016 news saturated world. If you have the sense that things are about to get busy again, you’re right.

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