Record Property Prices in Australia and New Zealand

06.09.2016 • The Economy

From Port Phillip Insider (AUS) –

House prices.

As we’ve noted before, we’ve long given up on the (feeble) attempt to predict a house price collapse.

From 2008 to 2010, we thought the Aussie market was primed for a huge fall. How wrong we were. We couldn’t have been more wrong, in fact.

Since 2008, house prices in many Melbourne suburbs have increased by big double-digit percentages. Some have increased by triple-digit percentages.

In Sydney, according to CoreLogic, the median house price is $780,000. Naturally, the closer you are to the centre, and the bigger your harbour view, the higher the price.

But for all the talk of high Aussie house prices and an impending bubble, Sydney has nothing on house prices across the Tasman. In particular, Auckland.

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