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Respecting the Old Guard

07.09.2016 • Emerging Markets

From Felipe Miranda – Daily Pro (Brazil) –

As a child, I learned to respect and also to admire the great Brazilian investors. Hearing stories of these people on the daily, I understood early about humility, absorbed through osmosis I learned that in the investment scope, those guys are better than all of us. Period.

It does not matter if this happens because formal methods, by a kind of tacit knowledge particularly indecipherable by mortals or the simple ability to better connect the flow of information and business because of one’s position.

Okay, okay. I admit: in this world we live in, there are no definitive heroes. The winner today can be the big loser of tomorrow. With rare exceptions, the best rankings fund change with same frequency as the traffic lights between Clodomiro Amazonas and Joaquim Floriano in Sao Paulo, seen here from my window, alternate between red and green.

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