Some People Just Won’t Die

12.09.2016 • Emerging Markets

From Ivan Carrino – The Monday Newspaper (Argentina) –

Everything concludes at the end, nothing can escape … so said the famous song of the Argentine rock band “Vox Dei”. Does not it seem strange, no? After all, everything in life has a cycle and there comes a time that cycle ends.

It happens to football players. Are prepared during childhood and adolescence, debuting at first, make a career, some do better, others worse, but finally concludes the race and have to find other chores.

It happens to the professionals, who go to college are received, they begin to work, and one day comes the long-awaited retirement, they spend 100% of the time watching their children grow, care for their grandchildren and traveling the world in the best case.

And it also happens to politicians and officials in public office. They study, they get into politics, entering the civil service , impose regulations, taxes and inflation , and then people take them out to vote because you get tired of them.

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