I’m Sorry – Investing Is Not for You

13.09.2016 • Investing

From the Daily Pro (Brazil) –

There is a fundamental thing to do when everyone else is in panic: do not panic. There are situations where the best thing to do, is to do nothing. Sit on your hands and wait.

After climbing nearly 40 percent in the year (60 percent in US dollars), the Ibovespa fell 3.70 percent and all turn to despair. “Where’s the rally?” “Do I sell my assets now?” “My shares are falling 5 percent!”

Unfortunately, equity varies. If you cannot bear it, I’m sorry, but the stock market is not for you. No judgement. It’s all right. This is not a not a weakness nor a strength. It is just a trait. Either you can stand the short-term shocks behind a more rapid multiplication of the capital or you can stay satisfied with the security of stable (lower) yields. There is no free lunch.

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