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The Cutting Edge of Cryptocurrencies

15.09.2016 • Tech

From Chris Lowe – Inner Circle (United States) –

This week… a deeper dive into the most important change in our money system since President Nixon severed the last link between currencies and gold in 1971.

I’m talking about cryptocurrencies. And, in particular, the big daddy of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin.

We recently covered the rise of cryptocurrencies – and why you should consider Bitcoin for some of your “cash” savings – in an in-depth Q&A with former Wall Street insider and cryptocurrency investor Teeka Tiwari.

Even if you’re new to Inner Circle, you’ve probably heard of Bitcoin already. You may even own Bitcoins… or another cryptocurrency.

But if you haven’t yet fully grasped how cryptocurrencies allow you to actually bet against the fiat money system, you’re going to love this week’s Q&A.

Because last week, I tracked down one of Europe’s leading proponents of cryptocurrencies, Martin Šíp.

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