French Savers Get Pummeled

22.09.2016 • Politics and War

From Simone Wapler – Strategy of Simone Wapler (France) –

On the menu of your newspaper this week:

  • Budget 2017 France, peeling nominee program to the primary party Republicans.
  • Europe: Return the concern about banks – and thus financial stability with the German
  • Deutsche Bank and Italy’s Monte Paschi di Sienna.
  • Around the world: surprise rise in bond yields. Big fuss over meetings of the Bank of Japan
    and the Fed giving the lines of their future monetary policies.

The 2017 budget does not provide any positive surprise. The deäcit is still around 70 billion euros. Revenues, they are overestimated with a growth forecast of 1.5% – and expenses are underestimated.

Hopefully, the tax burden (the so-called “compulsory levy rate”) remain unchanged.

Do not expect fat on that side to grow your savings or conquer your financial independence.

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