Bitcoin vs. Gold – The Best Safe Asset Today

28.09.2016 • Tech

From Federico Tessore – Investor Passport (Argentina) –

Deep down, those who buy gold and bitcoins are looking for something similar: to protect the value of their money independently of governments. They do not rely on traditional currencies and seek alternatives. Some choose to do so through gold, but others choose bitcoins. The newspaper The Wall Street Journal addressed this issue in its last weekend’s edition. An excerpt from the issue read:
Kanishka Sukumar, a consultant working in downtown Manhattan, says her parents often keep their money in gold to maintain its value. But this 24 year old thinks there’s a better destiny for their savings.
“In times of financial turmoil, I would prefer a portfolio full of bitcoins” says Sukumar, who has about a third of her assets invested in the digital currency.

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