How FARC Guerillas Are Sitting On the Biggest Opportunity of 2016

29.09.2016 • Emerging Markets

From Chris Lowe – Inner Circle (USA) –

This week, a watershed moment for one of the most promising emerging markets on our radar.

And what to do about it…

On Monday, in Cartagena, Colombia, the last remaining conflict of the Cold War era… and the last armed conflict in the western hemisphere… officially ended.

The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, and the leader of the FARC Marxist guerilla group, Timochenko, signed a historic peace agreement.

Using a pen made from the spent casing of a rifle bullet, they inked a deal ending the 52-year-old conflict that made Colombia a “no-go” for all but the most adventurous investors.

And as this week’s Inner Circle expert explains below, they also paved the way for a new opportunity to take advantage of one of the big themes on our radar – the early-stage bull market in emerging market stocks.

One that, if history is judge, could see triple-digit gains over the next three years.

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