7 Radical Insights into Bitcoin

06.10.2016 • Tech

From Chris Lowe – Inner Circle (United States) –

Me: “Why is the guy at the podium wearing a surgeon’s mask and sunglasses?”

Guy in the audience beside me: “He’s one of Europe’s most famous hackers. He doesn’t want anyone to be able to identify him.”

Me: “Why aren’t we allowed to make audio recordings of his talk?”

Guy in the audience beside me: “He doesn’t want anyone to know what his voice sounds like either. He’s worried the authorities will use voice recognition software to identify him.”

Me: “But it says in the program his name is Frank Braun and that he lives in Berlin. Couldn’t they just look him up?”

Guy in the audience beside me: “That’s a pseudonym. High-profile hackers aren’t exactly best friends with the law. They never use their real names in public.”

Bitcoin Fever

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that Bitcoin is a “nice idea”… but not something that people use in the “real world.”

But as our own go-to cryptocurrencies expert, Teeka Tiwari, recently told his Palm Beach Letter readers, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Teeka:

Bitcoin trading has exploded in Venezuela. Trading volume surged to all-time highs this past month, according to bitcoin statistics service Coin Dance.

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