New Party Takes Over in Brazil – Fiscal Reform on the Way

12.10.2016 • Emerging Markets

From Marilia Fontes – Daily Pro (Brazil) –

After the country is supposedly “polarized” with supporters and opponents of the impeachment, municipal elections confirmed an anti-worker’s party situation in Brazil.

The Workers’ Party had 630 municipalities in 2012, but by now it has approximately 256. It went from third place to tenth place in rankings.

In the Northeast and the industrial region of Sao Paulo, which are known to be the Workers’ Party strongholds, the disappointment was great. In the northeastern cities, the Workers’ Party managed only a second shift in Recife with Joao Paul, but the candidate had his percentage well below the concurrent votes (23 against 49 percent). In ABC PSDB regions, they gained momentum, leading São Caetano in the first round and keeping the second race in St. Bernard and St. Andrew. In the latter, we will have the second round between PSDB and the Workers’ Party, which received respectively 35.9 and 20.3 percent. This will be heated…

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