October Uptick Reflects Argentine Growth

17.10.2016 • Emerging Markets

From Ivan Carrino – The Monday Newspaper (Argentina) –

Finally, the famous “second half” came. During the first part of the year, the government of Macri had to disable economic time bomb left by the Kirchners. Contempt in US court, money supply growing at 40% annually, energy subsidies by 5% of GDP and 20% of spending, price controls and exchange stocks.

Not easy, as anyone can understand.

Obviously, the first half was difficult for the economy. Prices jumped and production fell. Something then expected the populist process that never ended differently, nowhere where it was applied.

However, we are moving full way the second half. Without going any further, on October he began the fourth quarter, at which time begin to see the fruits of the “normalization” of the economy.

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