The Pros and Cons of Wikileaks

20.10.2016 • Tech

From Henning Lindhoff – Vermögensschutz Aktuell (Germany) –

If it is particularly turbulent in the markets, I relax best at home. My well-positioned portfolio makes it possible. Peace I find then very quickly with a good movie.

And among us, dear readers: Benedict Cumberbatch ‘s a great actor. I like it simple. Whether as Sherlock Holmes or as Christopher Tietjen in “Parade’s End”. Benedict Cumberbatch is for me simply the quintessential English gentleman.

Do you like him?

Last night my wife and I again the film us “Wikileaks – The fifth force” viewed with Cumberbatch as Julian Assange.

The film does have its weaknesses, is far too technology-dependent for my taste, but Cumberbatch trumps here again.

Why am I telling you today?


Wikileaks , the unveiling platform founded by Julian Assange, is ten years old a few days ago.

A reason to celebrate?

Certainly. Because without this site would have so few politicians much easier to pull off your forays against us citizens.

For this we should hackers to Assange be grateful.


But like everything in life also Wikileaks has a downside:

In the past decade, political exposures are more and more become an election campaign and propaganda tool. Politicians at war among themselves with supposedly sensational revelations.


Leaks are more and more to fueling the campaign theater and the political mudslinging.


A politician wants to outdo its rivals? Put on a sniffer …

A Treasury will again raise taxes? there can not even investigate newspaper X to the offshore accounts of big entrepreneur Y?

I think the successful political TV series House of Cards – a way worth seeing cinematic masterpiece of thinking entirely on our wavelength Beau Willimon – is there not so fictional, as we would like to wish us …

So some Leaks are thus always to enjoy with a lot of caution.

But a revelation then but looking forward in recent days.

Several high-ranking politicians, including those from the European Commission, should have been involved in offshore companies in the Bahamas.

You see, dear reader: The values politicians know exactly how they can bring their sheep into the dry!

And of course they know why.

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