One Man’s Attempt to Boycott China

21.10.2016 • Emerging Markets

By Vivek Kaul – Vivek Kaul’s Diary (India)

In the recent past there have been calls for boycotting Chinese goods. The question is: Whether this can be executed? Or to put it more specifically, whether it can be executed by a middle class Indian?

Consider my personal situation. I am writing this column on a Lenovo laptop, which is Made in China.

The Kindle book reader which I use to refer to many books that I quote in my regular columns, was assembled in China.

My internet connection is provided by Reliance 4G Wi-Pod. The device has been made by the ZTE Corporation, which is based out of Shenzhen in China.

I use the Moto g4 PLUS mobile phone, which is Made in China.

So, basically if we want to hurt China, then these are the goods which we should not be importing from them. In total, they formed close to 84 per cent of Indian imports from China.

So far so good.

How realistic is this?

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