Brits Got Out of the EU Just in Time

24.10.2016 • Politics and War

By Tim Price – The Price of Everything (Independent) –

Here’s a story about the birth of the EU, some seven years before the Rambouillet humiliation. Representatives of ‘the Six’ founding EU nations – France, West Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands – met at a small coastal town in Sicily called Messina. Britain declined to send a minister but instead dispatched a middle-ranking civil servant, Russell Bretherton. At the end of the negotiations, so the story goes, Bretherton stood up and told the assembled politicians:

“Gentlemen, you are trying to negotiate something you will never be able to negotiate. But if negotiated, it will not be ratified. And if ratified, it will not work.”

Inaudible though it may be to the tin ear of Remoaners, the EU does not appear to be working today. Its immigration policy is a murderous disgrace; its banking system is teetering on insolvency; its economy is stagnating, with terrible consequences for the young and unemployed at its periphery; full steam ahead, cry its leaders, as impervious to legitimate criticism as the RMS Titanic was to icebergs.

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