Sham Election Masks the Real Problem with US Economy

26.10.2016 • Politics and War

By Bill Bonner – The Bill Bonner Letter (USA) –

In the following few words, you will discover an unpopular answer to a popular question.

Observing the U.S. presidential election, people all over the world want to know: “What happened?”

Drawing the question out a bit further, “how does it come to be that a nation of 330 million people – including some of the smartest, most accomplished, most dynamic people on Earth – end up with a choice between a fool and a knave? Is this the best you can do?”

Money is our beat at The Bill Bonner Letter, not politics. But as you will see, money and politics intersect. Trigger warning: It can be a dangerous intersection, and unsettling to your ideas of “how things ought to be.”

We have argued in previous issues that the U.S. is a “republic” or a “democracy” in name only. Elections have only a marginal effect on important policy decisions. Real power is held – as it always is – by insiders, known as the Deep State, the Establishment, or the Elite.

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