Gold Prices Set to Triple Starting Today

27.10.2016 • Investing

From Chris Lowe – Inner Circle (United States) –

Investing in gold miners to take advantage of the new multi-decade bull market in gold is one of our top themes at Inner Circle.

Naturally, the recent price falls are a concern. Are they telling us that the gold bull run is over? Or are they just a natural shakeout within a longer-term move higher for the miners?

Fortunately, when it comes to gold, the Inner Circle bench is particularly deep. This week, I was able to sit down and put these questions to one of our top gold experts, E.B. Tucker.

Before joining our colleagues at Casey Research as the editor of its flagship “big picture” newsletter, The Casey Report, E.B. managed a portfolio of gold stocks. He knows the business inside out. And he recently put out a major new bullish call for gold miners.

As you’ll learn in this week’s Q&A below, E.B. believes weakness in the sector is a buying, not a selling, opportunity.

Not only has his favorite gold market timing indicator turned bullish, but he also believes the U.S. economy is careening toward “stagflation” – a vicious combination of low economic growth and high consumer price inflation that E.B. says will drive more investor capital into the gold market.

In fact… he reckons gold stocks could triple from today’s prices…

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