Start Now: The Secret to Long Term Family Wealth

27.10.2016 • Investing

Vern Gowdie – Gowdie Family Weath (Australia)

How to Organize a Family Meeting
Being in Port Douglas has brought back a flood of memories. We raised our family in Cairns. Coming back to tropical North Queensland, we find ourselves prefacing every second
sentence with ‘Remember when…’
We have a host of wonderful family memories up here. This was the time we spent communicating and building trust with our daughters. Wonderful times.
Our youngest daughter, Grace, will be joining me tomorrow for a father­ and ­daughter Q&A session on family wealth at the ‘Great Repression’ conference.
I am so looking forward to this session.


Grace is a free spirit, so her answers to audience questions may even surprise me.
I’ll let you know next week how the session went.


The question I’ve been asked most in recent times is along the lines of: ‘We want to engage our children in the family office project, but how do we start?’


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