What it Means to Be a Libertarian in 2016

01.11.2016 • Politics and War

By Kris Sayce – Port Phillips Insider (Australia) – 

As we noted in yesterday’s Port Phillip Insider, the resurgence of Donald J Trump in the US presidential race has had a meaningful impact on the gold price.

Aside from impacting gold, it’s affecting another asset too. Details here.

What it means to be libertarian

One of the highlights at The Great Repression investment conference came from someone who didn’t offer a single word of investment advice.

That person was Liberal Democratic Party senator, David Leyonhjelm.

To be sure, his presence on the podium wasn’t welcomed by all attendees. Senator Leyonhjelm is a libertarian.

As the Senator pointed out, sometimes, being libertarian and free means having the freedom to make bad decisions. For instance, the freedom to bet on a horse race…and lose money! We hope you don’t lose too much on today’s Melbourne Cup.

In his prepared speech, the Senator explained exactly what it means to be a libertarian. You can read the full text below…


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