Let Go of That Mainstream Tech Stock Before It’s Too Late

02.11.2016 • Tech

By Charlie Morris – Fleet Street Letter (Great Britain) –

Following my recent spate of selling, the US market, in particular, is showing signs of deterioration. In order to take advantage of the value that will follow, it is important the portfolios raise cash. That’s partly to protect them from excessive loss should this malaise continue. And it’s also to ensure that you can take advantage of opportunities that will arise in due course.

My tech stock pick has done extremely well and is a solid long-term investment vehicle. However, some of the mainstream technology stocks are being punished and are no longer acting like safe havens. In particular, Amazon reported moderately lower growth than expected and was heavily punished by the market. A 5% fall for a company valued close to $400 billion a month ago, is a lot of money. My fear is that the selling will become indiscriminate.

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