Germany Careening Toward a Negative Interest Rate

03.11.2016 • Investing

By Julien Backhaus – Pronomio (Germany) –
Do you put money aside? Do you want to make a larger purchase and save on it? Do you expect your capital to yield interest and you will also earn a (albeit small) profit? It is a devilish fallacy that could save you richer ….

The times are not rosy for German savers, but …

… they will not get any better. I have already drawn your attention, dear readers, to the fact that the signs at the moment are more likely to be the destruction of money when it comes to you as a private investor. And that is not a natural phenomenon, it is the result of policy mistakes branched.

We are heading for a negative interest rate phase and the reason for this is the current zero interest rate policy.

What happens when the yield falls, but the prices go up …

The average annual return on private German financial assets was 6 per cent. Meanwhile, it has fallen to 3.4 percent.

In addition – and you know, dear readers – exploded the energy prices. They drive inflation and ensure Burglaries the real total returns. Soon, you take my word, the real total return is negative.

And if inevitable profits for the banks they engage shamelessly into the pockets of their clients. This, dear reader, IS a law of nature.

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