Euro Central Bankers Turn Up the Heat on Cash Holders

07.11.2016 • Central Banks

From Julien Backhaus – Wealth Protection Up-To-Date(Germany) –

Dear readers,

I have a question for you: Have you also wondered about the news, which in the summer haunted by the media, you were thinking about abolishing cash?

Did you see that as a “newspaper”? Can you not imagine that cash par excellence could disappear? Then you should rethink. 

It is for you, dear readers, that you have great confidence in the logical human understanding.

But politics does not work on the basis of logical human understanding …

I would like to go with you a small trip back in spring 2015. That will show you that this is not a thinking game to a strange idea of newspaper journalists and unworldly Bank consultants, but that preparations are underway to cash abolition in full swing.

At a meeting in London in May 2015, the central banks discussed the “most effective penalties for holding cash”.

Why? So that in an “emergency situation” the holding of cash can be put under penalty …

Firstly, if you as a consumer and a saver only have the electronic payment service available, you are more controllable. Totally controllable, I would like to add here.

And secondly, if the negative interest rates are to rise further, it is inevitable to abolish cash. Think about it, dear reader: you would otherwise pick up your money from the bank to store it at home.

A natural impetus that would push the banks to death.

And the negative rate is not an unwelcome consequence of the financial crisis. He is also a lever, a means of coping, the strategists will use unscrupulous when it comes to the rescue of the system.In order to get the financial crisis under control, the negative interest on up to 5 percent would have to rise.

So far, the negative interest rate has not affected the small savers and assets … 

But that will change. The asset limits will decline and, in addition, another instrument will be established: the deposit fee. In plain German: pay twice that you have money you have in the bank.

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