How to Protect Your Portfolio from an Election Day Shake Up

07.11.2016 • Politics and War

By Vivek Kaul – The Vivek Kaul Inner Circle – (India)

On 8 November 2016, the suspense will be over.

American voters will choose their next president. And financial markets will be quick to react.

In today’s Inner Circle issue, Andrew Van Sickle from Moneyweek, London will take us through the potential near-term consequences of the US elections.

What will Trump or Hillary mean for the markets… for the economy?

But beyond the short-term reactions, does it really matter who comes to power?

In his latest premium letter, Bill Bonner focuses on the larger reality: ‘how does it come to be that a nation of 330 million people – including some of the smartest, most accomplished, most dynamic people on Earth – end up with a choice between a fool and a knave? Is this the best you can do?’

Bill’s exposition about the politics and economics of the US is disturbing, and bears a direct or indirect relation with the entire world economy. It is a truth that cannot be ignored by investors.

Our research team in Mumbai believes that while the outcome of the US presidential elections may create short-term volatility in the stock markets, long-term value investors would do well to simply ignore it and focus on more important structural factors that impact India’s economic growth.

From our research desk, Rahul Shah analyses India’s attractiveness in terms of a business destination. And it appears that India has a long way to go to really emerge as a ‘bright spot’ in the world economy.

Read on for this week’s full issue… and please send us your feedback. Tell us what you like – and what we should change.

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