Voting for Hillary or Trump Won’t Protect Your Investment: Vote Gold

08.11.2016 • Politics and War

By Kris Sayce – Port Phillips Insider – (Australia)

Americans go to the polls tonight, and tomorrow morning Australian time.

They have a choice. Arguably, both are bad choices, but it’s a choice nonetheless.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) second closure of the case against Hillary Clinton has caused markets worldwide to rebound.

The message seems to be clear. Now that Hillary is in the clear, there is next to nothing between her and the White House. Of course, while there may be ‘next to nothing’, there is something.

That ‘something’ is the American voter and the Electoral College system. Markets and pollsters have gotten it wrong before. The Brexit vote is the most oft-quoted example.

So, who will win? Clinton, or Trump?

We don’t know. But we wouldn’t be surprised if Trump pulled one out of the bag. For that reason, we still figure it make sense for investors to play the ‘Trump Trade’. And we’re not the only ones…

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