Trust Us: Trump Administration Will Benefit American Economy

09.11.2016 • Investing

From Julien Backhaus – Wealth Protection Up-To-Date (Germany) –

Have you, as I, followed the counting of the US election with suspense in the night? Did you notice that as soon as an election loomed Trumps, the reactions in the media were unanimous?
And the stock markets of Mexico and Asia responded with price falls? A clear signal, one should think! But you should not worry about it: Even if it is going down in the short term, the situation will soon recover.

Do not believe Trump will be bad for the economy. The response of the stock exchanges is not to be seen in the market, but purely news-driven!

The stock exchanges, especially the US stock exchange, are actually linked to the message pickers.Orders are executed automatically – buy or sell, according to what is in the newspaper. Most automated orders are triggered by computers.

The victory of Donald Trump does not have to be bad for the economy per se. He wants to reduce taxes for companies, massively – that can stimulate in fact the investment activities in the United States enormously.

Since the US economy is almost completely dependent on consumption, it is quite positive to see if more people are employed. A further positive effect can result from the fact that huge billions of assets are now being transferred back to the US, which are currently still parked in tax-free countries.


I can well imagine that the new uplifting mood is positive in the people.

The tax relief, a reorganization of Obamacare and the improvement of the domestic security concept will give the American people a positive jolt and this will have a direct impact on the economy.

I think a positive mood economy moves more than a pessimistic, or even frustrated. Who does its job better?

Because the current situation of the people in the US is dramatic. I believe we in the German-speaking countries can hardly imagine what suffering many families in the USA experience.

Trump has a good argument when he asks why Hillary Clinton has been concerned with these problems over the last 30 years:  

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