How Trump’s Tax Plan Will Benefit You and Your Investments

11.11.2016 • Politics and War

By Julien Backhaus – Wealth Protection Up-To-Date (Germany) –

Dear readers,
How do all the media reports affect you after yesterday’s Donald Trump won the US election? Ask yourself how a man can become a US president who is said to have so little personal competence and no political program? If you are irritated, you are right!

Donald Trump is not an unruly show-biz man, who only knocks great – he is a successful businessman with a clear economic-political profile.

Only the keywords are cited: tax reductions, foreclosure, abolition of the health insurance system. I want to go with you even deeper, dear readers, so what’s behind Donald Trump’s business concept is really at. Do not think Trumps tax reform is just hot air!

What does the future US president have in mind? The current top tax rate of 39.6 percent is to be eliminated, the individual income tax rates reduced to 33, 25 and twelve percent. The inheritance tax is to be abolished. The course takes big earners and companies to Good, the latter especially, because the corporate tax is to be reduced by 35 to 15 percent. Believe me, just so investments can boost domestically, creating jobs and the economy to be strengthened – only in the medium term can also Welfare benefits.

In this way Trump can succeed in bringing back large American companies that have moved abroad.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, for example, said recently that he thought it possible to pay taxes back in the US – if the conditions changed. Cook had always excluded such a step because he thought the American tax was too high.

Trumps’ clear attitude to free trade agreements will also benefit the American economy in the future:

Unlike Clinton comes with Trump more business opportunity, less regulation. All current trade agreements between the United States be put to the test. The planned free trade agreement TTIP with the EU rejects Trump. He wants to stop the TPP, which has already been completed, in the Transpazzi trade agreement. The North American free trade zone Nafta, which has existed since 1994, is to be renegotiated between the USA, Canada and Mexico.

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