The Global War on Cash: How India’s Rupee Crackdown Affects You

14.11.2016 • Emerging Markets

By Vivek Kaul – Vivek Kaul’s Inner Circle (India) –

Last week when all eyes were set on the outcome of the US presidential elections, Modi dropped a bomb…a really big one.

This so-called ‘masterstroke’ by Modi has resulted in widespread fear, panic, and uncertainty. Economic activities and the daily lives of the people have been severely disrupted as they struggle through long queues outside banks to exchange the banned bank notes for the new ones, which are in short supply.

Yes, there is going to be pain in the short to medium term as the economy adjusts to the big change.

But once the dust settles, it could pave the way for a new India.

The news media and the social networking portals are flooded with extensive coverage, analysis, updates, stories about Modi’s big bang reform against black money.

But the mainstream media are missing a vital piece in this money puzzle…and I promise to show you that missing piece today.

As you know, at Inner Circle, we’re constantly striving to keep you abreast with the best global insights and megatrends in the world of money, and to connect the dots to India.

In today’s Inner Circle issue, I am going to show you how Modi’s surgical strike against the cash economy is part of a worldwide megatrend. Governments and central bankers across the globe are working on a war footing to uproot physical cash from the financial system.

As Chris Lowe from Bonners & Partners, USA, aptly puts it, ‘The very nature of money is undergoing a profound transformation… and with it the fundamental structure of the financial system.’

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