Marrakesh Climate Conference is Big on Talk, Short on Action

17.11.2016 • Politics and War

From Julien Backhaus – Wealth Protection Up-To-Date (Germany) –

The governments had meant well: these days the world was to be saved. The climate protection conference of the United Nations is still going on until tomorrow. In Marrakech, Morocco. Only: Even our government has hardly managed to get a reasonable package. A lukewarm breeze, the climate protection conference is no longer. This is unfortunately typical.

In Germany the first “successes” are already celebrated. There is a new partnership in which the rich countries are helping the poorer nations with money, expertise and technology to achieve the “national climate” (NDCs). However, the core of the program has not changed. The emerging and developing countries should therefore not use oil or coal for their energy. This is to save global warming – renounced by the poor.

If everything does not work out at the end, then we already have the alleged culprit: Donald Trump. According to the first media reports of the realpolitik supposedly anyway nothing.

In fact, Trump has a few explosive points on the agenda: he wants again to build new oil and gas pipelines. The coal is also expected to make a comeback as an energy supplier. In any case, the former climate protection agreement from Paris is not to its taste, according to it. He wants to cancel it.

So Trump is to blame? Supposedly, China or the important European states want to directly support the US to work with them – in favor of the climate. But this is unlikely. Even the image that Germany gave in advance was sad enough.

State theater and hot air is what our environmental minister Barbara Hendricks could take to the negotiations. The government coalition failed to reach agreement on a common candidate for the office of the Federal President. Accordingly, it was also difficult to formulate climate protection targets for 2050.

The result was a windy compromise, which is not worth the paper on which it is written. Germany has set up a catalog of destinations specifically for the meeting in Marrakesh, focusing on areas such as agriculture and transport. But 2050 is still far away, and the government is planning with technologies that do not exist today.

This, in any case, the Environment Minister conceded in an interview. Pure planning, just as the GDR or the entire Eastern bloc did it without success for decades. The plan is good, alone: ​​the resources, the motivation and the technology are missing.

Planning has nothing to do with climate protection targets either. For in negotiation, as we see it in Marrakesh, contracts are at best concluded, from which governments one day will leave again or simply break it. The US has already made it before years ago. This is why the climate protection summit is completely in the wrong direction.

The goals are understandable, at least for the majority of the climate researchers (while a not insignificant minority even insists that the climate is not human, but runs in natural cycles). However, the way to a more liveable world may look different.

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