14 Financial Forecasts for 2017 You Need to Know Now

22.11.2016 • The Economy

By Nick O’Connor – Capital and Conflict (Great Britain) –

Last week Goldman Sachs released a research note to its clients with its key themes and outlook for 2017.

The short version is that Goldman expects Donald Trump to be the “inflation president”, returns next year will likely be slightly higher than this year and so will risks.

You can find the note online easily enough. But today I thought I’d share our own version of the idea – a sweeping look at what you can expect to see across the world next year. To do that, I asked Eoin Treacy – our in-house technology and trading expert.

Eoin has come up with a series of forecasts for next year, looking at everything from which markets to look at next year, to what’s next for the dollar, yen, pound and euro, which markets to avoid, and why it’s time to look at the banks and resource stocks.

It’s a detailed analysis, so I won’t keep you too long here. But when you’re done, I would like to know what you think. Where is Eoin right and wrong? What key trends do you think will shape the world economy next year? Write to me at nick@southbankresearch.com.

I’ll hand you over to Eoin…

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