Market Mania Opens Up Many Opportunities for You

23.11.2016 • The Economy

From Felipe Miranda – Daily Pro (Brazil) –

I have always believed that the greatest enemy of the investor is the investor himself. I learned it the hard way. “The hard way is the only way” is what they say in the US. My father’s breakdown was caused by, among many other things, his overconfidence in his own convictions. Being completely dependent on only one kind of investment strategy goes completely beyond the realm of what is rational.
And if you get it wrong – and don’t underestimate your ability to get it wrong – you create the perfect conditions for your own destruction.
I also spent a lot of time with a professional financial analyst who, among other things, completely ignored everything he ever learned about investing. It goes to show, in the face of uncertainty, even the best stock analyst with the most extensive knowledge of investment is subject to the pitfalls of bad decision making.

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