A Renewed Attack on our Prosperity

30.11.2016 • The Economy

From Julien Backhaus – Wealth Protection Up-To-Date (Germany) –

Dear readers,

At present, an attack is taking place on our democracy, our freedom and our standard of living. Quite quietly and secretly, 23 countries, including the USA, Germany and Europe, are negotiating a new agreement on global trade in services. This agreement is called TiSA and is almost the evil brother of the just deceased TTIP. It could be decided by the end of the year.

TiSA stands for “Trade in Services Agreement” and everyone involved calls themselves “really good friends”. The core issue is that all participating States must liberalize important services and publicize all contracts internationally. In doing so, other suppliers, even from other countries, may not be treated worse than their own and they must not be disadvantaged.

Medical care soon in American hand?

This means that, for example, a municipality that is looking for a new hospital operator can not simply place the order on a German company from the region. This must be advertised internationally and could then go to a US company. The new hospital operator would thus be a US group, which is primarily profit-driven.

While the entire package gets the stamp “fair competition” behind it, there are the most obvious economic interests. As now leaked, it is surprising, the Americans are pushing for a clear deregulation. Thus, large parts of the German health care system, education and energy and water supply could fall into the hands of the Americans.


Through TiSA, the American companies expect additional revenues of 600 billion euros per year.


The US is also pushing for a softening of data protection. If the agreement were to go through this, Germany and Europe would have lost the fight for our data protection!

European safety standards in danger

In the new agreement, states may have their own data protection, but this should not discriminate against others or hinder trade. Na prima, what does that mean exactly? That it can only exist in a softened form. A strict data protection always inhibits trade. Thus, our European safety standards are snow of yesterday.

I would not love readers that land my data on any server in the US! But it will be the same with the new agreement. Data can also be passed on to a third party.

Almost all the other points of the planned agreement are playing the cards in the Americans. For example, the US is pushing for a company that offers its services in Germany, for example, and that it does not have to store the entire customer data here, but in the country in which the company is based. For example, if a US company was the hospital’s hospital in Fulda, all patient data could not be stored here, but in the US.

Large corporations get control over the Internet

The Americans also want to prevent software companies from disclosing their source code. This means that no one can control whether safety standards are met. Large software corporations could control the network and data without anybody noticing. In addition, almost all rules should be overridden if national security is concerned.

Dear readers, I will only hospitalized if I have enough money in my account, my son at school suddenly a breakfast from McDonalds gets or I have to worry what happens to all my personal data, all this makes I am afraid I also fear that the population is deliberately excluded and everything is strictly secret.

TiSA is putting democracy out of power

With the new agreement, democratically agreed regulations in this country will be overruled by the back door. The whole package carries the cover coat “fair trade and fair competition”. In fact, the interests of large international conglomerates are behind them. It is about maximizing profits and deregulating the markets.


The world has apparently learned nothing from the financial crisis. Of course, we need an economic system with large conglomerates that also generate huge profits. But not at the price of complete deregulation and abolition of all standards.


For decades, we have built up existential things and certain standards with tax levies. With this agreement, all of this is in danger. This paper is an attack on my freedom, my security, my democracy and my standard of living. I would not like TiSA in this form!

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