No Surrender in the Feds’ “War on the Markets”

02.12.2016 • Politics and War

By Bill Bonner – Bill Bonner’s Diary (USA) –

BALTIMORE – People never intend to bring disasters upon themselves.

But they sometimes put themselves in situations in which disaster is the only way out.

The War Between the States was supposed to be quick and decisive.

The glorious histories of the war were already written – at least in the minds of the combatants – by the time of the First Battle of Bull Run.

There would be a few heroic charges; Napoleon’s Marshal Ney would have nothing on the dashing Confederate generals in their gray and red tunics.

Mounted on their fine Tennessee horses, waving their swords and shouting encouragement to their cavalry, they would sweep the enemy from the field… send him fleeing back across the Potomac… and the war would be over.

But even authors often don’t know how their stories will turn out.

Events and personalities take over. Between the first chapter and the final one, there are twists and turns that few expect. The hero turns out to have a fatal flaw. Circumstances weren’t what they thought. The enemy had surprises.

And then, at the end, the great victory turns into a nightmare defeat.


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