The Death of Europe

05.12.2016 • Emerging Markets

By Ankit Shah – Vivek Kaul’s Inner Circle (India) 

The BSE-Sensex fell 329 points on Friday.

Indian stock markets have been in the bearish zone since Trump’s victory and the announcement of Modi’s demonetisation drive a month ago.

Foreign portfolio investors sold shares worth Rs 182.4 billion in the month November 2016.

That’s huge.There is another major global factor that is set to influence the course of the financial markets in the coming times…the Eurozone. And the focus right now is on Italy.

In today’s issue of Inner Circle, I’m going to take you through some key problem areas in the Eurozone.From our research desk in Mumbai, Rahul Shah (Research Analyst) gives us overview of what’s going on in Italy. Could Italy be next in line after Britain to exit the Eurozone?

Our on the ground expert from London, Nick O-Connor, gives us a peek into the mess that’s underway in the Eurozone. Here’s Nick:Britain’s vote to leave has directly challenged the EU.

The underlying problems behind the crises we’ve seen in the eurozone have not been fixed. The banking system is still fragile.

And now virtually every European nation has a political upheaval on the horizon. That leads us to a more fundamental question: What’s wrong with the Eurozone? Why does it seem to be falling apart?

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