Michigan Greenlights Cars Without Steering Wheels or Pedals

12.12.2016 • Tech

By Kris Sayce – Port Phillip Insider (Australia) –

To be honest, as a self-confessed Luddite, I have no appreciation of why anyone would want to buy a driverless car. I actually enjoy driving. I hate being a passenger and letting someone else drive.

With a driverless car, someone else would always be the driver.

But then again, technological progress is inevitable. Maybe transitioning from ‘driven’ cars to ‘driverless’ cars will be just as seamless as a transition from driving a manual to driving an automatic.

After all, why waste your time changing gears, when the car is smart enough to do it for you?

(Not only that, but it’s soooo much easier to eat a cheeseburger — or any other food — while driving an automatic than it is while driving a manual!)

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