The Best Ideas Often Come From Boredom

14.12.2016 • The Economy

Federico Tessore – Investor Passport (Argentina) –

Today I am going to tell you a story that proves the following: “Often the best ideas come from boredom.”

Being bored is good sometimes. As the father of four kids all under the age of six, I have to admit that tedium is a rare state of affairs. And I image it’s the same for you in your personal life.

We always feel the need to be doing something, to be busy. We have to organize our day, plan our activities, we do not allow ourselves to be bored. But after learning about this story, perhaps you will change your mind.

It was the 1940s and a father was watching his daughters Diane and Sharon take rides on a little buggy in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, when he had an idea that would prove magical for both young and old.

On the weekends, Walt Disney would take his daughters to mechanical playgrounds and he saw that the only thing the parents did was watch their kids to make sure they did not hurt themselves. He saw that the parents were left out. He believed that there should be a place where adults and kids could play and enjoy themselves together. This place had to be safe, magical, and it would allow everyone to enjoy the thrill of the rides and to be a part of the fun.

He chose a spot in Anaheim, California, and construction began right away on the amusement park he had envisioned. Following a 17-million dollar investment, Walt Disney’s dream materialized on July 17, 1955.

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