Everything is Fake – Sifting Through the Rabble-Rousing Clickbait

15.12.2016 • The Economy

Tim Price – London Investment Alert (Great Britain) –

A word with dark undertones has re-entered the lexicon and it is being used (I would say
abused) widely by the likes of the FT and The Economist: populism. The barely concealed sub-text: Brexiteers and Trump supporters are stupid, ignorant, racist bumpkins who are leading us all into disaster. 
We now live in a world of “post-truth” journalism and news. I have news for the established media: everything is fake, including the rabble-rousing clickbait you churn out that passes for informed commentary but which is really little more than a dog-whistle appeal to our baser instincts, or an attempt to pour incendiary fire on already troubled waters. 
As I’ve said before, we are all drowning in information but starved of knowledge. The solution for anybody looking to get a sensible assessment of what really matters from the rough-hewn chaos of the financial markets is to limit your consumption of financial news in the first place.

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