First the $100, Now the $50 – War on Cash Charges Forward

16.12.2016 • The Economy

Kris Sayce – Port Phillip Insider (Australia) –

It was appropriate that we should meet with Jim Rickards this week in Berlin.
For one, Jim filled us in on a key event in macroeconomics and geopolitics that had its genesis at the G20 meeting in Brisbane in 2014.
It was a development that Jim has labelled, the ‘Brisbane Rules’. We’ll have more to say about that in the weeks ahead.
But one of the other subjects on Jim’s lips, is the idea of the abolition of cash — the ‘War on Cash’. It attracted much discussion among the folks gathered here.
We’re all of the same or similar view: that governments and central banks worldwide, are in the process of demonising cash, in order to achieve their outcome of abolishing it.
Why do they want to do that? Simple: control. If cash is electronic, it’s easier for governments and central banks to control it. They can control who gets it, who saves or spends it, and how much is saved or spent.
The abolition of cash won’t happen overnight. It will take several years. Nonetheless, the propaganda campaign to demonise it is well underway.

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