World War Three: The Looming War Between Generations

19.12.2016 • Gold and Natural Resources

By Ankit Shah – Vivek Kaul’s Inner Circle (India) –

Are we heading towards World War Three?

Let me tell you right away that we’re not predicting a war with guns, missiles, and nuclear bombs.

We’ve let the political scientists do the job. We’re economists and analysts. Our beat is money. And we like to stick to it.So, what’s this war between generations all about? And how does it impact investors?

In today’s Inner Circle, I have put together some of the most compelling insights from Dr Jim Walker’s latest strategy report (available only to his subscribers). Here’s Dr Jim: It is time that investors radically rethought their investment strategy for the coming years.

This has nothing to do with the victories of Donald Trump and the Brexit campaign, rather it is required because of developments in population profile and public policymaking.

Dr Jim Walker is the Founder and Chief Economist at Asianomics Group, a leading independent economic research firm based in Hong Kong. He is an original thinker, and as an Austrian Economist, he does not follow the consensus view.

He has earned the respect of the investment industry for his forecasts of the Asian Crisis in 1997 and the 2007 downturn in the US. In the last few years he has developed an approach to analyzing economies, primarily in the Asian region, based on profit and credit cycles. Application of this approach allowed him to call early the upswing in the Indian stock market in the final quarter of 2013.

In his latest report, Dr Jim presents a dark, but realistic, vision of the future…and at the heart of the matter are the deteriorating demographics in much of the world. And while India is light years away from claiming its demographic dividend, it is still the bright spot in an ageing world economy.

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