Who Will Replace Crumbling American Empire?

20.12.2016 • Politics and War

By Sam Volkering – Port Phillip Insider (AUS) –

The Great Repression, hey? I was here yesterday through all the speeches; and I have to admit, they put the fear of the financial gods through me. I’m sure it probably did the same to you.

Now, the good news is, this morning is a lot more upbeat. So after me, and then Phil, hopefully you’re a little bit more upbeat about the world and how things are progressing along.

I was also told once that you should always start a presentation to a large group of people with a joke. The best one I could think of at short notice was ‘Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’.

As we said, the Great Repression — the battle for your wealth in the age of financial tyranny. But how repressed are you really right now?

Is it all that bad?

Or are we just telling ourselves that it’s all that bad? I think that’s one of the important things, that, by the end of today, we can help you weaponise the thing between your ears, your brain. We can make you more independent thinkers and take action for yourselves, and take opportunities that do exist, because opportunities do exist, even in a Great Repression. Even with financial tyranny, there are opportunities, always opportunities.

Though we’re going through an incredible social change, it’s a shift of power from repressive regimes to the individual. A lot of this is being driven by a new empire which I call the MAFIAA. The future today, as I said, is run by a new empire.

This empire is called the MAFIAA. Now, it’s not the New York MAFIAA or the Chicago MAFIAA. You know — the guys running bootleg alcohol. I’ll get to what the acronym means later on. Importantly, the MAFIAA is helping to liberate society.

Every one of you here has an opportunity to be free, to take power and control back into your own lives. This MAFIAA is providing us with the tools to achieve that. It’s happening right in front of your eyes. It’s just a matter of whether you’re actually seeing what’s going on.

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