Merkel Not Responsible For Berlin Victims

21.12.2016 • Politics and War

Julien Backhaus – Wealth Protection Today (Germany) –

All of us will grieve the attack in Berlin. One party immediately came to the floor and said the victims were “Merkel victims”. This is wrong. Angela Merkel has not asked anyone and has not trained anyone to commit terrorist attacks.


However, there is a quotation from the Chancellor in September, which provided for Brisanz. In fact, she said that refugees can be trained on the labor market in need, for example as truck drivers. Once again, she did not contribute anything to the attack in Berlin. In this sense the quotation is not a “scandal”, as some commentators in these hours want to again weismachen.


Integration has not worked

However, a serious problem becomes clearer in the refugee and labor market question, which the government simply does not solve in Germany. It is like with almost all important problems: the truth must not be revealed, it seems. The number of refugees or asylum seekers who have already found a job is negligible.

34,000 refugees have been given a job on the first labor market and have entered. Labor Minister Nahles has so far largely been unsuccessful. This was announced yesterday.

406,000 refugees are registered as job-seeking, 160,000 are registered as unemployed. In the summer, Frau Nahles had launched a “one-euro-job-program” for refugees. 100,000 people should be able to benefit from this. So far, about 5,000 jobs have emerged.

The integration has simply failed so far. The dreams have burst. Basically it is the same with many other questions.


The infrastructure is on the ground

The public infrastructure is to be expanded. The universities in Germany as well as the schools or the streets have been destroyed for many years. Public performance has shrunk to a minimum.

Busted by a state that would prefer a balanced household fabricated, at least at a front “success” to be able to demonstrate. The whole thing is among others the public budget management. State organizations do not have to “write off” anything, which is forfeited over time.

Private companies, on the other hand, initially invest in a cost-neutral manner by spending money, but crediting the value in their balance sheet as an asset. Only the decline in value over the years leads to the famous “depreciation”. Before our eyes, the state itself writes itself out on many questions.


The policy does not provide any solutions

Health care in Germany is also marching on a wall. The health insurance contributions of private individuals will rise by a double-digit rate in the coming year. A nasty surprise for those who had relied on “private” being private. The private parties must, among other things, implement regulations of the legislature. That will be expensive.

The situation is similar in old-age provision. The balance of “private provision” for Riester pensions, Rürup pensions, for life insurance or direct insurance is, for the most part, very badly. Germany has been impoverished for decades, while governments are making new promises: “The pension is safe”.


The most recent attack in Berlin is therefore by no means to be blamed on Mrs. Merkel and her government. That is out of the question. However, many citizens miss the fact that the government finally accounts for what is not going on in our country. And this is so in many areas.


As elections will be held next year, however, this will not change in the short term. That is why it is important to protect yourself, your family and your assets best. Both in the financial investment, in old-age provision as well as in the protection of your workforce and your health. Help yourself. We support you.

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