New Start-Up Boasts of Powered Undergarment to Support Seniors

21.12.2016 • Tech

By Kris Sayce – Port Phillip Insider (AUS) –

Speaking of Sam Volkering and technology, a story from the Wall Street Journal puts a new slant on the concept of a ‘Grey Army’.

You may be familiar with the term, and the business. Grey Army is the term for old timers who hire themselves out as handymen (or handywomen), doing domestic chores, gardening, or fixing or installing a new shelf — among a million and one other things.

Well, how about a semi-robotic ‘grey army’? Is that something to welcome…or fear? The Wall Street Journal reveals the details:

‘A California startup is betting seniors will ditch canes and walkers for robotic-powered suits that would give them a boost.

‘It may sound like technology that originated from the pages of a comic book, but Superflex is capitalizing on military-funded research to make apparel that aims to enhance people’s core strength. Its first product will be a powered undergarment, aimed at helping seniors with mobility challenges.’

Who wouldn’t be in favour of a ‘powered undergarment’? The idea of electric underpants springs to mind! Although, that isn’t exactly what Superflex Inc has in mind.

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