Goldman Sachs Laughs at Fraud Accusations

28.12.2016 • Central Banks

Julien Backhaus – Wealth Protection Today (Germany) –

Only yesterday it was announced that the US bank Goldman Sachs is asked to pay. This has happened in most of the media because at the moment the terrorist acts in Berlin are hardly interested in such events. What happens there is shocking. We speak of the world’s biggest fraud, and the perpetrator laughs.


The bank had manipulated a certain interest rate in the US or at any rate tried to manipulate this interest rate. Between 2007 and 2012, she tried to move the so-called “Isdafix” to specific levels with certain agreements among dealers. Deutsche Bank had also tried this and was therefore punished with a penalty of more than 50 million US dollars.


Bank uses itself

If a bank, which itself places securities on the market and thanks to a lever in such papers earns in correct bets a lot of money, can adjust the interest rate also still on its own, then the manipulation. The opponents on the market lose thereby – also with a lever, thus disproportionately.

Now the few of us will have played, so we will not lose directly if the other side manipulates interest rates. But indirectly: the interest rate is important in all areas of life. The influence extends from the Sparkonten, which is currently still very low interest rates up to prices, which we pay as consumers.

If the airlines hedge against fluctuating oil prices on the market and thus keep their costs under control, the price also depends on interest rates. Anyone who secures himself has to opt out of other investment opportunities of his own money and renounces “interest” or returns. The lower the interest rates, the more assets are invested in such hedges.


Interest manipulation makes us all poorer

This means that even our flight prices depend on the interest rate in various ways. Therefore, manipulating the interest rate is an intrusion into all our assets. Just before Christmas we should take this into account. The interest rates also affect the prices for gifts under the Christmas tree. They concern our holiday decision for the time during the Christmas holidays.

After all, all our jobs depend on interest rates. Companies that are able to afford more capital with capital can invest more quickly – and often risk more. Incorrect investment decisions avenge years later, as numerous insolvencies in the current year are showing.

Therefore, manipulations of the interest rate are the greatest possible fraud on our assets. Goldman Sachs now pays 115 million euros. You can assume that the bank managers will not be annoyed behind closed doors but will laugh. According to the words of a former head of the Deutsche Bank, “million” are millions.


No “peanuts” anymore

But not just manipulating the commercial banks. Even the central banks, which themselves produce money, are turning sharply at the interest rate. The price for the surrender of money is basically not on the market, but in the office towers of Frankfurt, for example. The interest rate is manipulated, quite officially.

This costs us even more than the access of the commercial banks. We can hardly accuse the central banks. They are allowed to do so, and this is currently being exploited, especially in Europe. The biggest fraud of the world – and the perpetrator laughs. This is the reason why Italy and Greece can now be saved in the euro zone. Our Christmas present – involuntary.


The interest of the supposedly free money is decisive for how our assets develop. Anyone who is allowed to manipulate it deceives all money users, ie us, to the profits of the economy. We should keep this in mind. The monetary value is manipulated.

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