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28.12.2016 • Investing

Kris Sayce – Port Phillip Insider (AUS)

Today is the last official day for Port Phillip Insider before the Christmas and New Year break.

We’ll be back on Tuesday, 3 January. But don’t worry; your email inbox won’t be a complete barren wasteland. For the duration of the holiday, you’ll receive complimentary back issues of one of our newest services — Port Phillip Insider EXTRA.

Call it a Christmas ‘gift’ from us to you, if you like.

EXTRA is a weekly premium service, available only to our Alliance members, or those who choose to pay the modest monthly subscription fee.

At the helm is Selva Freigedo. Selva has a remarkable background. She grew up in Argentina, has lived in Brazil, Spain, the US (where she studied at Harvard), and now Australia.

Selva actually lived in Spain during the financial meltdown in 2008. She saw the economic collapse, house price crash and skyrocketing unemployment at close quarters.

Now, Selva brings that knowledge and background to Port Phillip Publishing and a select group of readers each Saturday morning, in Port Phillip Insider EXTRA.

You’ll get a flavour of what Port Phillip Insider EXTRA is all about next week. I think you’ll see why it has become so popular in such a short amount of time. I hope you like it…

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