Buckle Up: More Fireworks Coming in 2017

02.01.2017 • The Economy

Ankit Shah – Vivek Kaul’s Inner Circle (India) –

2016. What a year!It started with a 27% stock market plunge in China… the worst January rout for world stocks in history… and a mad dash into bonds.

And it’s ending with the biggest rout in global bonds going back to 1990 – a roughly $2 trillion wipeout – and a mad dash back into stocks.

In between, we’ve seen the Brits vote to exit the European Union… Donald Trump win the White House… Brazilian stocks rip 73% higher… gold mining stocks surge 150%… then fall 40%… and the Indian feds ban 86% of the country’s banknotes in the escalating global War on Cash.

And as Bill Bonner has been warning, there are plenty more fireworks to come in 2017…

Will the new president allow real change… a real correction? Will bad debts be liquidated? Will stock market prices be cut in half? Will the fake money be thrown out, forcing the Deep State to downsize?

Nah… Instead, Mr. Trump has already signaled a switch to fiscal stimulus. Big spending. Deficits. Walls. Roads. Boondoggles. The fake cash will flow. The debt – mostly government debt – will rise. And this time, the cash will go into the consumer economy… with rising prices not far behind. 

A few years ago, we predicted the nation’s itinerary: Tokyo… then Buenos Aires; deflation… then inflation. That is, we will go broke slowly… then suddenly.

Keep your seat belts fastened and your eyes open.

In today’s Inner Circle issue, our think-tank in London – Merryn Somerset Webb, Andrew Van Sickle, Tim Price, Matthew Lynn, and Matthew Partridge – presents insights on a range of issues…

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