Hobbes and Leviathan or Locke and Liberty?

02.01.2017 • Politics and War

Dan Denning – Southbank Private Briefing (Great Britain) –

Where do our rights come from? 

Are we born with them, do we vote for them, or are they handed down by the government, like Moses and the Tablets of Stone? 
You might think this is a bit esoteric, but I can assure you it is extremely relevant to the way we are governed. After all, governments are all about rights – yours, mine and everybody else’s.
I’m mainly talking about negative
rights here: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom from arbitrary arrest, equality before the law. These are rights that limit government power. As you
might be aware, free speech is a particular concern of mine. 
But you could ask the same question about positive rights. Everyone has a different idea of what these are. They range from a right to street lighting, to unemployment benefits or access to healthcare or education. These are demands or expectations placed on governments.

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