A French Vision of the Eurozone in 2017

03.01.2017 • Central Banks

Simone Wapler – The Strategy of Simone Wapler (FRA) –

It’s the end of the year.

A civilized and conscientious biped is supposed to establish a balance and consult his crystal ball to reveal the trends of the following year.

This will also be the last email 2016 from me. We will meet in early January for a monthly issue with large asset allocations, useful in particular to arbitrate your funds within your life insurance.

But first, take a look at the rear view mirror 2016 and the chaotic road we have behind us.

You know that I consider the current banking and political system deeply flawed and that our money saving, deposits will be the expense.

Margaret Thatcher said that “society does not exist.”

It meant that only individuals and families had a carnal existence. Beyond that, we are in the conceptual, the abstract …

In the same way, “public money” does not exist.

Public money is first and foremost the money we earn or we earn, thus increasing the overall wealth, that is to say by going through the judgment of the market and the competition.

We live in an adulterated political and financial system. In this system, money is debt, the majority of which is not guaranteed by any asset.

Our bank deposits no longer belong to us. Such a system allows welfare states to finance crazy expenses that have become irrelevant to what taxpayers can afford. Banks-too-big-for-bankruptcy finance over-indebted states and vice versa. I call this system “creditism.”

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