The 40-Year-Old Theory Driving the Technology Industry

04.01.2017 • Tech

Kris Sayce – Port Phillip Insider (AUS) –

Moore’s Law continues.

You may be familiar with it. It was based on an idea by Gordon Moore, the founder of Intel. In 1965, he proposed that technological advancements meant that it was possible to double the processing power of a microchip approximately every 18 months.

In 1975, he updated his theory to say that the doubling was occurring every two years.

Well, more than 40 years later, Moore’s Law still appears to hold true. As the Financial Times notes:

‘Thinner smartphones or more space for larger batteries are on the way this year, thanks to a big reduction in the size of the latest mobile processors that power them.

‘Qualcomm, the leading mobile chipmaker, said on Tuesday that the new version of its flagship processor — the Snapdragon 835 — would take up about 35 per cent less space than last year’s model and consume roughly 25 per cent less power.’

The advances in technology are extraordinary. Just when it seems as though technology has hit a barrier, it breaks through it.

Almost since the day that Gordon Moore theorised on the improvement in computing power, folks have tried to claim that ‘Moore’s Law’ no longer applies.

Yet, it still does. And likely will continue to do so, as newer technology begets even newer technology. Nothing can stop progress.

And it all starts here.

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