Three Reasons the German Government Wants to Eradicate Cash

09.01.2017 • Central Banks

Thomas Schwarzer – Wealth Protection Today (Germany) –

Love your freedom and independence just like me? This issue is about the end of this freedom. It is about the total surveillance of the state. To the total control of our money. It is about accessing our assets. And the steering of money flows as well as the rescue of the financial system.


It is about the abolition of the cash!

It is a creeping process. We citizens do not really get it right. He also finds in the media hardly any attention. Slowly but surely, the powerful of this world will make our cash. A financial system that only works with electronic book money is to be created.


Already in a few years there will be no more cash. The head of Deutsche Bank expects this. Already the 500 euro note is not printed anymore. Smaller bills could follow. The federal government wants upper limits when paying with cash. In Scandinavia and other countries, cash has almost been abolished.




For years, an influential group of economists, politicians and lobbyists has been making a strong ban on cash. Behind them are, however, their own interests and nothing else. Again and again an argument is advanced, which appears in the media. Through the abolition of the cash money, the crime and the black money would be combated. Sure, the one or other black swamp could be dry-laid.


However, much more is behind it – if one is concerned with the topic somewhat more closely. Something that has to do with us as a human being and our freedom.


The criminals do not face a cash ban. Instead, we have normal savers who have their savings in the account.


1. Total control and monitoring

Each purchase, each transaction leaves an electronic data track. Authorities and institutions suddenly had a huge data pool of you. You would know where to eat, where to shop, where you are. Where and when to refuel, when to go to the cinema, how long you were on vacation or what underwear you bought. There is no more privacy. Full motion profiles could be created. We are the glass citizen. All information could be evaluated and processed. A total surveillance of the state of its own citizens would be the result.


2. Access to private assets and state redistribution

All her savings would be left to an unstable banking system. If there were tensions or bank crises, your account could be blocked immediately. You could not withdraw any more money at the push of a button. A horror show.  Cheques us” as we have already seen, it would then no longer exist. A dream of the global financial system. We all remember Greece and Cyprus. There banks were closed for days. Because there was no more cash. Money could no longer be withdrawn. The aim is to create a financial system that does not leave anything out of balance.

At the same time, you could be involved in the reorganization of the maroder states and the mismanagement of governments and central banks. It would simply be possible to introduce forcing charges or penalties on your credit without you being able to do anything about it. The perfect world of all governments and banknotes. The state and the central banks could easily redistribute our money.


3. Increase in cycled crime

Cybercriminality would increase dramatically through a completely electronic payment service. Even now, we see targeted hacker attacks on payment systems. This would tend to increase. Should hacker attacks succeed, the system would be disturbed. Cash withdrawals would thus be impossible. Banks closed.


Dear Readers, But for me, there are two very important things: The feeling of freedom! And the feeling for money!


If you hold cash in your hand, it gives you a good feeling. Put some big bills in your pocket and go into the city. You suddenly have a positive feeling. Think about what you could buy with it. Even if you do not do it afterwards. Also, you can give other people a good feeling. As a tip in the restaurant or at the hairdresser. Or you can give your child a few euros to buy something to drink at school. All this would be omitted.

If you hold cash in your hand, you appreciate it. Know what 10 or 20 euros are actually. Go differently with money. Be aware of the responsibility when it is gone. In the US, young people are indebted for decades because they have spent a long time with their plastic cards on pump. To feel and see cash is important. Cash can also be a drive for success. To have more of it. To implement ideas, to motivate oneself. All this, there would be no more with virtual money.


Dear reader, I say: Cash stands for what we humans are and what we do. It stands for freedom. For motivation. For fear and joy.


The abolition of the cash will destroy a part of us!

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