In Germany, Waiting List for Safety Deposit Boxes Grows

11.01.2017 • The Economy

Thomas Schwarzer – Wealth Protection Today (Germany) –

More and more people clearly recognize the seriousness of the situation and protect their assets and their savings in a safe. In many regions there is now a regular emergency. The rental rates for lockers (Safety Deposit Boxes) have skyrocketed with many banks.

If you keep track of my items on a regular basis, then you know that I have long been going to rate a locker. And I continue to stick to this. The threats to our money are increasing.

Run on lockers

 As was known now, many banks in Germany, the lockers are occupied . If you are too slow, you can sit on a long waiting list. Lockers are also scarce with other institutions. The occupancy rate at the Stadtsparkasse in Munich is 95%. At Commerzbank, 160,000 units are rented nationwide.

 Because many banks are completely overburdened, new facilities are being built. Last year alone 1,400 new lockers were built at the Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf. At the Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse, 800 new lockers will be added in the coming months.

All these are only isolated developments. In fact, the figures are much higher. Nobody wants to talk about it!

 Due to the high demand, the rents are shot upwards. In Munich, lockers now cost 40% more than just a while ago. At Commerzbank, it is almost 20%.

 No penalties and protection against access

But that does not deter anyone either. The savings and your assets are relatively safe in lockers. And protected from access. In addition, there is no penalty. It is now raised by many banks when money is invested there. This means that the Bank will deduct a certain amount from its own savings. Their own money is no longer, but less.

As you know, dear reader, I advise a locker in a long time. I want to protect you and your money. Because there are numerous threats to our savings. Ascending trend.

 Your money is in danger

It is about the dramatic global debt. To break the Eurozone. To imminent trade wars and a reorientation of the political order. It is about terror and the abolition of cash.

 In this regard, I like to refer to my report dated 01.09.2017 . In this article I describe how the state and the central banks are in control of us and our money.

 The rental of a locker is very easy

Opening a locker is quite easy, dear readers. Go to your house bank or any other bank and ask for a locker. Most major banks have appropriate investments. If one is available, conclude a lease. The rental rates vary significantly. And also depend on the size. A normal compartment you get for a few euros a month. Once the contract is concluded, you will receive a key with which you can open and close your locker. During the opening hours of the bank, you will arrive at your savings and valuables. They keep themselves in a safe and protected vault space. That’s all!

 Your items will then be stored in a locker for periods of crisis.

There you can also store gold. I also advise you for quite some time. The global financial system could soon collapse. As in 2007/2008, the financial system was at an abyss. The final super-Gau was avoided only by a last-minute rescue operation.

 Many still remember the developments in Cyprus and Greece.

There, banks were closed, vending machines switched off. There was no money left. After a while, cash was rationed. Nobody can rule out that something like this happens again. And it happens with us in Germany.You must prepare for it.

 In this sense, dear readers, stay true to us.

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