Federal Reserve Pays US Government $92 Billion

12.01.2017 • Investing

By Nick O’Connor – Capital and Conflict (Great Britain) –

n today’s Capital & Conflict… scamming your way to a $92 billion “profit”… why our monetary system is built on shaky foundations… a simple way to make $3,000… the final nail in the coffin for the media… and more.

Two days ago, a major US bank handed $92 billion over to the US government. It was all “profit” from its operations. How did it make so much, and why did it have to give the money to the state?

Because it’s a central bank with the right to create money out of thin air, that’s why! The $92 billion was income generated on the Federal Reserve’s portfolio of US government bonds. It bought vast numbers of these bonds by expanding its balance sheet and printing money. The government then paid interest on those bonds. That interest is the Federal Reserve’s return. That return is then passed back to the government as an important source of income.

To be clear, this is the state creating money from nothing… to lend to itself… to then pay interest on… and then use that interest as another source of revenue. That’s Deep State financial policy.

And it serves as a reminder: never forget just how warped the financial system and the very nature of money itself have become. The entire system is built on a lie: that you or I (or a business) needs to work to earn money, but the state doesn’t. It has the right to manipulate the money supply to achieve its own ends. But we may all suffer the consequences of that mismanagement!

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